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Kinema Ko Jhol

A popular and nutritious recipe for a Nepali fermented bean soup, kinema ko jhol is full of nutrients and tastes great.

A traditional Egyptian dessert that is elegant and fancy to look at and tastes super good. The kids love it too. It may look a bit complicated but following few steps one can easily make it.

This classic Nepali soup is popular all across Nepal. A peculiar ingredient, the bamboo shoot, is used which makes it highly interesting and appetizing to many people.
ajiaco stew

Ajiaco is a Colombian chicken stew especially popular in the capital Bogotá, where it is often considered to be the city's dish.
rice balls

This is a Nepali sweet made by boiling milk. It is eaten as a desert and has a very distinct taste that makes it delight for all occasions.
Arroz con pollo

This is a classic Colombian version of the famous Latin American recipe that is popularly relished all over the world.