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Rajma Tarkari Nepali Kidney Bean Curry

Rajma Tarkari, a Traditional Nepali Kidney Bean Curry

This traditional Nepali curry is eaten as a main dish and tastes best when served with Nepali roti or rice.
Pastel de Choclo y Pollo Corn and Chicken Pastry

Pastel de Choclo y Pollo (Corn and Chicken Pastry) Recipe

A simply-prepared cake prepared with corn, cream, chicken and some sugar, popular in Latin American countries such as Colombia.
Top of Rice Casserole

Brinjis Tkbili, Georgian Rice Dessert (ბრინჯის ტკბილი)

Brinjis Tkbili (ბრინჯის ტკბილი) is a Georgian rice pudding popular after lunch or dinner as a dessert or served as a snack.
Coffee Glass

Colombian Mistela de Café (Coffee Liqueur) Recipe

This is a traditional Colombian coffee liqueur recipe that is fairly simple to make, and it tastes amazing!
Papas Rellenas Colombianas Colombian Stuffed Potatoes

Papas Rellenas Colombianas (Colombian Stuffed Potatoes) Recipe

The traditional Colombian appetizer that can be served at any party and equally suitable for your kid’s lunch, these papas rellenas are enjoyed by everyone for a meal or afternoon snacks, as well.