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Shopska Bulgarian Salad

Shopska, a Traditional Bulgarian Salad Recipe

Save Print Shopska, a Traditional Bulgarian Salad Recipe Author: Christian Eilers Recipe type: Salad Cuisine: Bulgarian, Balkan, Eastern European Prep time:  15 mins Total...
Hovmastarsas Swedish Mustard

Hovmästarsås Dill-Infused Swedish Mustard Recipe

Hovmästarsås is a dill-Infused Swedish mustard blend is a quintessential Smörgåsbord item used often as the accompaniment to gravlax.
Gravlax Dill Salmon

Swedish Gravlax Recipe (Dill-Cured Salmon)

Swedish Gravlax is a dill-cured salmon that is popular especially around the holiday season. It is a raw fish dish, a Swedish delicacy and a quintessential Smörgåsbord item.
Kheyar Mekhalel Egyptian Pickled Cucumbers

Kheyar Mekhalel, Egyptian Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

This is a classic Egyptian pickle recipe that would surely be a hit in your households. It is yummy, easy, and preservable.
Ghorayeba Egyptian Butter Cookies "Sand Biscuits"

Ghorayeba, Egyptian Butter Cookies (“Sand Biscuits”)

Ghorayeba, which are Egyptian butter cookies and sometimes referred to as "sand biscuits," are some of the most popular desserts in the entire Middle East.

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